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BZ WBK TFI increased stake in BRE Bank... and other equity news

BZ WBK TFI increased stake in BRE Bank... and other equity news

20.9.2007 11:13
Autor: KBC/Patria

Polcolorit: management expect net earnings
According to Polish daily Parkiet, citing the management, after good August, the outlook is for favourable September that should also end in the black. The expectations of management towards upcoming months are also relatively strong, pointing to improvement in financial standing.

Our view: We believe that the news could have some positive trading impact. In our opinion it is high time that Polcolorit started generating earnings after strong underperformance in 1H07. Still, we believe the company is unlikely to meet our earnings expectations for this year, both on the stand-alone level as well as with consolidation of the Ukrainian partner that is being delayed.

BRE Bank (533 PLN, 0,00%): BZ WBK (278 PLN, 0,65%) TFI increased stake to 5.01 %
BZ WBK TFI has increased its stake in BRE Bank to 5.01 % in equity and votes from 4.97%.
Our view:
The news came following late May announcement of BZ WBK AIB AM of increasing the stake in BRE Bank to 5.028 % in equity and votes from 4.997%. We believe the news could have some positive trading impact. 

Lotos hires ex-Statoil executive for oil search
Lotos employed Henrik Carlsen, former head of Norwegian exploration at Statoil. Carlsen will help Lotos search for fuel off Norway's coast, according to Puls Biznetsu.

Our view:
We welcome Lotos efforts to enhance upstream integration of the business, however, see little room for this. The company lacks funds to make upstream acquisitions, which is reflected in the fact that the utilization of the B23 oil field, where Lotos already has the exploration and production license, is scheduled for 2012-2013 only. We consider the news as neutral. 

TVN: Political turmoil hits rival
Mr. Lis, the head of Polsat’s top rated news division has been dismissed by Mr. Solorz, Polsat owner, for ‘economical’ reasons, and replaced with the journalist loyal to Law & Justice party. The opposition pointed to the mounting behind the scenes pressure on Mr Solorz, ahead of upcoming parliamentary elections.
Our view: The loss of the reputation of ‘politically unbiased’ station for Polsat would automatically put TVN in the position of the sole independent TV news provider among Poland’s four main TV channels. We expect a positive market impact from the news for TVN.

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