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  • 11.04.2024
Andersons Inc (ANDE.O, NASDAQ Cons)
Závěr k 11.4.2024 Změna (%) Změna (USD) Objem obchodů (ks)
58,48 2,06 1,18 174 166
Premarket12.04.2024 13:51:52
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- 51,26 59,00 - - -
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  • Poslední aktualizace: 12.04.2024
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Název společnostiAndersons Inc
Kmenové akcie:Ordinary Shares
Poslední známé roční výsledky31.12.2023
Poslední známé čtvrtletní výsledky31.12.2023
Počet zaměstnanců k 31.12.2023 2 259
Akcie v oběhu k 11.03.2024 34 049 783
Konstituent indexůS&P 600 Small Cap
Kontaktní informace
Ulice1947 Briarfield Boulevard
ZeměUnited States
Kontatní osoba 
Funkce kontaktní osoby 
Telefon14 198 935 050

Business Summary: The Andersons, Inc. is a diversified company, which is engaged in the operations of agricultural supply chain. The Company operates through three segments: Trade, Renewables, and Nutrient and Industrial. The Trade segment is a diversified business focusing on capturing profits through merchandising and managing logistics across a wide range of commodities. The segment specializes in the movement of physical commodities, such as whole grains, grain products, feed ingredients and domestic fuel products among other agricultural commodities. The Renewables segment produces, purchases, and sells ethanol and co-products, offers facility operations, and provides risk management and marketing services to the ethanol plants it invests and operates. The Nutrient & Industrial segment is a manufacturer, distributor and retailer of agricultural and related plant nutrients, liquid industrial products, corncob-based products, pelleted lime and gypsum products, pesticide, and others.
Financial Summary: BRIEF: For the fiscal year ended 31 December 2023, Andersons Inc revenues decreased 15% to $14.75B. Net income before extraordinary items decreased 15% to $101.2M. Revenues reflect Trade segment decrease of 20% to $10.43B, Plant Nutrient segment decrease of 14% to $943.4M, United States segment decrease of 22% to $9.77B, Canada segment decrease of 42% to $694.8M. Net income also reflects Operating.
Odvětvová klasifikace
TRBC2009Fishing / Farming
TRBC2012Fishing & Farming Wholesale
RBSS2004Fishing & Farming
NAICSGrain and Field Bean Merchant Wholesalers
NAICSFarm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
NAICSEthyl Alcohol Manufacturing
NAICSNitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing
NAICSLime Manufacturing
NAICSGypsum Product Manufacturing
NAICS2007Grain and Field Bean Merchant Wholesalers
NAICS2007Farm Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
NAICS2007Ethyl Alcohol Mfg
NAICS2007Nitrogenous Fertilizer Mfg
NAICS2007Lime Manufacturing
NAICS2007Gypsum Product Manufacturing
NAICS1997Grain and Field Bean Wholesalers
NAICS1997Farm Supplies Wholesalers
NAICS1997Ethyl Alcohol Manufacturing
NAICS1997Nitrogenous Fertilizer Manufacturing
NAICS1997Lime Manufacturing
NAICS1997Gypsum and Gypsum Product Manufacturing
SICWholesale-Farm Product Raw Materials
SICGrain And Field Beans
SICFarm Supplies
SICIndustrial Organic Chemicals, Nec
SICNitrogenous Fertilizers
SICGypsum Products

  • Poslední aktualizace: 12.04.2024
Management společnosti
FunkceJménoVěkVe funkci odVe firmě od
Chairman of the BoardMichael Anderson7202.11.201501.01.1990
President, Chief Executive Officer, DirectorPatrick Bowe6502.11.201509.09.2015
Chief Financial Officer, Executive Vice PresidentBrian Valentine5401.08.2018
President - Nutrient and IndustrialJoseph McNeely5908.01.2018
Chief Operating OfficerWilliam Krueger5701.12.202201.01.2019
Chief Human Resource Officer, Executive Vice PresidentSarah Zibbel4401.01.2023
Executive Vice President, General Counsel, Company SecretaryChristine Castellano5803.02.202003.02.2020
Vice President, Corporate Controller and Investor RelationsMichael Hoelter4103.02.2019
Vice President, TreasurerBrian Walz5401.11.201901.11.2019
Vice President - Strategy, Planning and DevelopmentAnne Rex5903.02.201901.01.2012