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  • 18.09.2020
Draegerwerk AG & Co KGaA, Ordinary, MiFID Eligible Security, Xetra (DRWG.DE, Xetra)
Závěr k 18.9.2020 Změna (%) Změna (EUR) Objem obchodů (EUR)
63,00 -1,87 -1,20 251 090
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  • Poslední aktualizace: 19.09.2020
Popis společnosti
Obecné informace
Název společnostiDraegerwerk AG & Co KGaA
Kmenové akcie:Preference Shares
Kmenové akcie:Ordinary Shares
Poslední známé roční výsledky31.12.2019
Poslední známé čtvrtletní výsledky30.06.2020
Počet zaměstnanců k 30.06.2020 15 177
Akcie v oběhu k 30.06.2020 17 760 000
Kontaktní informace
UliceMoislinger Allee 53-55
Kontatní osoba 
Funkce kontaktní osoby 
Telefon 494 518 820

Business Summary: Draegerwerk AG & Co KGaA is a Germany-based provider of medical and safety technology. The Company operates through two segments: Medical and Safety. The Medical segment develops, produces and markets system solutions, equipment and services for the optimization of processes at the acute point of care, such as emergency care, preoperative care, critical care and prenatal care. The Safety segment develops, produces and markets products, system solutions and services for personal protection, gas detection technology and integrated hazard management for customers from various industries, such as mining, fire departments, police and disaster protection. The Company has production sites in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Asia.
Financial Summary: BRIEF: For the six months ended 30 June 2020, Draegerwerk AG & Co KGaA revenues increased 16% to EUR1.43B. Net income applicable to common stockholders totaled EUR53.8M vs. loss of EUR14.8M. Revenues reflect Europe segment increase of 25% to EUR833.3M, Africa, Asia, Australia segment increase of 7% to EUR337.1M. Net Income reflects FV Adjustments of Financial Investments decrease of 30% to EUR1.7M (expense).
Odvětvová klasifikace
TRBC2009Advanced Medical Equipment
TRBC2012Advanced Medical Equipment & Technology - NEC
RBSS2004Advanced Medical Equipment
MGINDUSTRYMedical Equipment & Supplies
NAICSElectromedical and Electrotherapeutic Apparatus Manufacturing
NAICSSurgical and Medical Instrument Manufacturing
NAICSSurgical Appliance and Supplies Manufacturing
NAICSOther Measuring and Controlling Device Manufacturing
SICElectromedical Equipment
SICSurgical And Medical Instruments
SICSurgical Appliances And Supplies
SICMeasuring/controlling Devices Nec

  • Poslední aktualizace: 19.09.2020
Management společnosti
FunkceJménoVěkVe funkci odVe firmě od
Independent Chairman of the Supervisory BoardStefan Lauer6404.05.201804.05.2018
Chairman of the Executive BoardStefan Draeger5601.01.2003
Vice Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Employee RepresentativeSiegfrid Kasang-01.07.2005
Vice Chairman of the Executive Board, Chief Financial Officer, Executive Board Member for ITGert-Hartwig Lescow5201.04.201501.04.2008
Executive Board member for Sales and Human ResourcesReiner Piske-01.01.202001.11.2015
Executive Board member for Safety DivisionRainer Klug5201.01.202025.03.2015
Executive Board member for Medical DivisionAnton Schrofner5601.09.2010