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Daimler AG7171,02-1,07
18.09.2021 2:04:00
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  • 17.09.2021 10:15:13
Orkla (ORK.F, Frankfurt)
Závěr k 17.9.2021 Změna (%) Změna (EUR) Objem obchodů (EUR)
7,74 2,49 0,19 17 526
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  • Poslední aktualizace: 18.09.2021
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Název společnostiOrkla ASA
Kmenové akcie:Ordinary Shares
Kmenové akcie:Ordinary Shares
Poslední známé roční výsledky31.12.2020
Poslední známé čtvrtletní výsledky30.06.2021
Počet zaměstnanců k 31.12.2020 18 110
Akcie v oběhu k 30.06.20211 036 087 686
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UliceDrammensveien 149
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Telefon4 722 544 000

Business Summary: Orkla ASA (Orkla) is a supplier of branded consumer goods and concept solutions to the grocery, out-of-home and bakery sectors, with the Nordic and Baltic regions as its principal markets. The Company's branded consumer goods business consists of four business areas, including Orkla Foods, which comprises Orkla's food businesses; Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, which comprises the product categories confectionery, snacks and biscuits, and consists of six branded consumer goods businesses; Orkla Care, which comprises six branded consumer goods businesses, and Orkla Food Ingredients, which is engaged in the bakery and ice cream ingredients sectors in the Nordics and Baltics. The Orkla Investments business area consists of the Hydro Power and Financial Investments segments. Its associates and joint ventures consist primarily of Jotun, which is a manufacturer of paint and powder coatings, and Sapa AS, which is a supplier of extrusion-based aluminum solutions.
Financial Summary: BRIEF: For the six months ended 30 June 2021, Orkla ASArevenues increased 3% to NOK23.28B. Net income increased17% to NOK2.18B. Revenues reflect Orkla Foods segmentincrease from NOK4.34B to NOK8.76B, Orkla Foods Ingredientssegment increase from NOK2.47B to NOK5.52B. Net incomebenefited from Impairment - Fixed Assets decrease of 97% toNOK4M (expense), Equity Earnings -Before Taxes increase of27% to NOK586M (income).
Odvětvová klasifikace
TRBC2012Frozen Food Manufacturing
RBSS2004Industrial Conglomerates
MGINDUSTRYFood Processing
NAICS2007Frozen Specialty Food Mfg
NAICS2007Mayonnaise, Dressing & Oth Prepared Sauce Mfg
NAICS2007Fruit & Vegetable Canning
NAICS2007All Other Miscellaneous Food Mfg
NAICS2007Soap & Other Detergent Mfg
NAICS2007Polish & Other Sanitation Good Mfg
NAICS2007Toilet Preparation Manufacturing
NAICS2007Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao Beans
NAICS2007Other Snack Food Mfg
NAICS2007Hydroelectric Power Generation
NAICS1997Frozen Specialty Food Manufacturing
NAICS1997Mayonnaise, Dressing and Other Prepared Sauce Manufacturing
NAICS1997Fruit and Vegetable Canning
NAICS1997All Other Miscellaneous Food Manufacturing
NAICS1997Soap and Other Detergent Manufacturing
NAICS1997Polish and Other Sanitation Good Manufacturing
NAICS1997Toilet Preparation Manufacturing
NAICS1997Chocolate and Confectionery Manufacturing from Cacao Beans
NAICS1997Other Snack Food Manufacturing
NAICS1997Hydroelectric Power Generation
SICFrozen Specialties, Nec
SICPickles/sauces/salad Dressings
SICCanned Fruits And Vegetables
SICFood Preparations, Nec
SICSoap And Other Detergents
SICPolishes And Sanitation Goods
SICToilet Preparations
SICChocolate And Cocoa Products
SICPotato Chips And Similar Snacks
SICElectric Services

  • Poslední aktualizace: 18.09.2021
Management společnosti
FunkceJménoVěkVe funkci odVe firmě od
Chairman of the BoardStein Hagen6423.05.200623.05.2006
President, Chief Executive Officer, Member of the Group Executive BoardJaan Semlitsch5015.08.201915.08.2019
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, Member of the Executive BoardHarald Ullevoldsaeter5801.03.202001.03.2020
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Orkla Confectionery & Snacks, Member of the Group Executive BoardIngvill Berg4501.01.2021
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Orkla Care, Member of the Group Executive BoardHege Brekke5201.01.2021
Executive Vice President, Chief Executive Officer of Orkla Food Ingredients, Member of the Group Executive BoardJohan Clarin5001.10.2018
Executive Vice President, Group Functions, Member of the Group Executive BoardChrister Gronberg5901.10.2018
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Orkla Consumer & Financial Investments, Member of the Executive BoardKenneth Haavet4101.04.202001.04.2020
Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of Orkla Foods, Member of the Group Executive BoardAtle Nagel Johansen58
Executive Vice President M&A and Strategy, Member of the Group Executive BoardSverre Prytz5201.12.201901.12.2019