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25.06.2024 21:05:47
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Rheinmetall (RHMG.DE, Xetra)
Poslední obchod Změna (%) Změna (EUR) Objem obchodů (EUR)
495,00 -1,08 -5,40 138 321 733
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  • Poslední aktualizace: 25.06.2024
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Obecné informace
Název společnostiRheinmetall AG
Kmenové akcie:Ordinary Shares
Kmenové akcie:Ordinary Shares
Poslední známé roční výsledky31.12.2023
Poslední známé čtvrtletní výsledky31.03.2024
Počet zaměstnanců k 31.03.2024 25 344
Akcie v oběhu k 31.03.2024 43 417 494
Kontaktní informace
UliceRheinmetall Platz 1
Kontatní osobaDirk Winkels
Funkce kontaktní osobyHead of Investor Relations
Telefon4 921 147 301
Kontatní telefon492 114 734 749

Business Summary: Rheinmetall AG is a Germany-based Company, which specializes in security and mobility solutions. It operates through two segments: Defense and Automotive. The Defense segment is divided into three divisions: Vehicle Systems, which manufactures wheeled tactical vehicles and armored tracked vehicles, nuclear, biological, chemical (NBC) protection and turret systems; Weapon and Ammunition, which includes huge and medium caliber weapons and ammunition, weapon stations, charge systems and propellant powders, and Electronic Solutions, which develops air defense, command, control and reconnaissance systems, sensors and simulation systems, among others. The Automotive segment also has three divisions: Mechatronics, which develops actuators, solenoid valves, systems for cutting emissions, as well as water, oil and vacuum pumps; Hard parts, which manufactures pistons, engine blocks, cylinder heads, plain bearings and bushes, and Aftermarket, which comprises the global replacement parts business.
Financial Summary: BRIEF: For the three months ended 31 March 2024, Rheinmetall AG revenues increased 16% to EUR1.58B. Net income applicable to common stockholders excluding extraordinary items decreased 2% to EUR49M. Revenues reflect Weapon and Ammunition segment increase of 59% to EUR321M, Electronic Solutions segment increase of 43% to EUR227M, Vehicle Systems segment increase of 7% to EUR489M, Other Europe segment increase of 26% to EUR767M.
Odvětvová klasifikace
TRBC2012Aerospace & Defense (NEC)
RBSS2004Industrial Conglomerates
MGINDUSTRYAuto & Truck Parts
MGSECTORConsumer Cyclical
NAICSMotor Vehicle Gasoline Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing
NAICSFluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Manufacturing
NAICSSmall Arms Ammunition Manufacturing
NAICSGuided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing
NAICSAmmunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing
NAICSSearch, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
NAICSMilitary Armored Vehicle, Tank, and Tank Component Manufacturing
NAICSSmall Arms, Ordnance, and Ordnance Accessories Manufacturing
NAICSTesting Laboratories and Services
NAICS2007Gasoline Engine & Engine Parts Mfg
NAICS2007Fluid Power Cylinder & Actuator Mfg
NAICS2007Carburetor, Piston, Piston Ring & Valve Mfg
NAICS2007Mil Armored Vehicle, Tank & Tank Compn Mfg
NAICS2007Guided Missile & Space Vehicle Mfg
NAICS2007Ammunition (exc Small Arms) Mfg
NAICS2007Search, Detection & Navigation Instrument Mfg
NAICS2007Small Arms Ammunition Mfg
NAICS2007Other Ordnance & Accessories Mfg
NAICS2007Testing Laboratories
NAICS1997Gasoline Engine and Engine Parts Manufacturing
NAICS1997Fluid Power Cylinder and Actuator Manufacturing
NAICS1997Carburetor, Piston, Piston Ring and Valve Manufacturing
NAICS1997Military Armored Vehicle, Tank and Tank Component Manufacturing
NAICS1997Guided Missile and Space Vehicle Manufacturing
NAICS1997Ammunition (except Small Arms) Manufacturing
NAICS1997Search, Detection, Navigation, Guidance, Aeronautical, and Nautical System and Instrument Manufacturing
NAICS1997Small Arms Ammunition Manufacturing
NAICS1997Other Ordnance and Accessories Manufacturing
NAICS1997Testing Laboratories
SICMotor Vehicle Parts/accessories
SICFluid Power Cylinders & Actuators
SICSmall Arms Ammunition
SICGuided Missiles/space Vehicles
SICAmmunition Not For Small Arms,nec
SICSearch And Navigation Equipment
SICMotor Vehicles And Car Bodies
SICSmall Arms
SICTesting Laboratories

  • Poslední aktualizace: 25.06.2024
Management společnosti
FunkceJménoVěkVe funkci odVe firmě od
Independent Chairman of the Supervisory BoardUlrich Grillo64
Chairman of the Executive Board, Chief Executive OfficerArmin Papperger6101.01.201301.01.2012
Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Employee RepresentativeDaniel Hay4501.01.2021
Member of the Executive Board, Director of Industrial Relations and Human ResourcesPeter Krause6401.01.202001.01.2020