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Brief description of current political situation in the Czech Republic: deadlock remains

9.3.2005 13:33
Autor: David Marek

Any possible solution is not likely to expect before CSSD’s electoral conference at the end of March. The position of Stanislav Gross within his party seems to be quite stable. He was supported by 102 of 134 members of the central committee. However, a political situation is far from being resolved as Christian Democrats did not feel satisfied by PM's apologize for the explanation of his financial situation.

Two outcomes seem to be the most probable: a current coalition with another PM or early elections. As for CSSD, the best solution is to keep current coalition. Their current support in opinion polls is very weak. The motivation of Freedom Union (US) to keep current coalition is even stronger as they would probably do not qualify to the Lower House of Parliament in early elections. On the other hand, Civic Democrats could gain from early elections. Position of Christian Democrats is stable as they have a solid core of voters. As a coalition of CSSD and communists, evident or hidden, is not probable, Christian Democrats could support current coalition only in the case they will be judged as a winner of the crusade against untrustworthy Prime Minister. Nevertheless, a political program of Christian Democrats is closer to Civic Democrats than CSSD. But this game does not seem to be about this agenda. It is difficult to assign of the probability to both outcomes, continuation of the coalition with another Prime Minister and early elections. Deadlock remains.

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  • No changes likely before the end of CT privatization
    10.3.2005 12:38

    All the people in the government are likely to do their best to stay put till after the privatization of Cesky Telekom: they have put so much work in getting kick backs and pushing for commissions and consulting contracts with the bidders that it is impossible for them to leave now while the golden goose is still alive, specially since the big pay-offs will likely happen after the deal is signed. My guess is that the other parties would love to get there hands on this privatization soft money as well (like in the good old times), but pushing Gross out for corruption while most have a less than spotless past and present would set them up for trouble. They certainly hope Gross will go on his own from the pressure. This is unlikely as Gross shows a lot of tenacity. The 300K europs Mr. Gross is in trouble for now for his appartment are pale compared with the amounts people with some sort of signature power over the privatization stand to get from the winner of the bid. Where is the interest of the citizens in all this ? We should check the Southern emisphere.
    Max Poker
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