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Imtech signed an exclusive 10Y-partnership with Airbus

Imtech signed an exclusive 10Y-partnership with Airbus

4.10.2012 9:47

Imtech has signed an exclusive 10-year partnership agreement with Airbus for implementation of new drying technology in Airbus' drying halls worldwide. This new technology allows several types of aircrafts to be dried twice as fast, which reduces production time. At the same time, it delivers savings of 45% on energy for heating and 50% for electricity, and there is a 50% reduction in CO2 emissions. Imtech has been a technology partner for Airbus for many years, servicing them in e.g. Germany, UK and China.

The new technology sounds like an episode of Discovery Channel:
The essence of the new Imtech drying technology is this: instead of intensive transfer of warm air over a long period in a huge drying hall, aircrafts now undergo tailor-made drying (according to aircraft type) in a compact environment with special 'drying covers' manufactured by Imtech. These are air filled textile hoses which are placed around the aircraft. The hot air in the hoses enables the painted areas to be heated immediately and evenly. This technique makes it possible to dry Airbus aircrafts - for example the aircraft A320 family - in a much more targeted way, making it unnecessary to heat entire drying halls. The Imtech Smart Drying System meets exact requirements to allow the heating and drying process to take place in the shortest time and as energy-efficiently as possible. Compared with the conventional technology used by all aircraft manufacturers until now, this has many advantages - as far as production time as well as operating costs, the environment and energy saving are concerned.

A win-win situation:

This deal should allow Imtech to further penetrate at Airbus, which is good for business, while Airbus should benefit from a reduction in manufacturing costs. Sounds like a mighty good deal for both companies. No immediate impact on estimates.

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