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Full-bodied English version of Patria.cz and Patria Plus!

07.06.2006 10:48

Dear users,
Patria Online is proud and happy to announce a release of a new English version of its website. Now, English speakers may access the same information that is available in the Czech version of the website (swith to English using "English" button in the right upper corner of this page).

Since we feel an increasing demand for Czech Republic related information from foreigners, we decided to develop a full-bodied English version. Comparably to the Czech version, the English version contains four sections: Treasury Plus, Economy Plus, Stocks Plus and News Plus. Users can subscribe to the entire license (all four sections) or to each section separately.

Treasury Plus is focused on forex markets and interest rates development. It allows its users to track online forex quotes as well as download historical data and read analyses. Economy Plus is widely used for its macroeconomic forecasts and analyses. Stocks Plus covers Czech and foreign equity markets and allows clients to follow online quotes from the Prague Stock Exchange. This section also features analyses published by KBC/Patria group. News Plus provides up to date news coverage coming from widely known agencies such as Reuters and Bloomberg as well as from internal Patria sources.

Patria Plus subscribers may also use our SMS and email alert system. This makes sure clients do not miss any important news or price movement even if they are out of office.

If you want to make sure Patria Plus is the right tool you are looking for, you can subscribe to two-weeks trial version. More information on Patria Plus find HERE.

Basic information:
1. To log on please click HERE
2. To edit your personal data or ordered services click HERE
3. Questions, need help or assistance? Please call (+420) 221 424 332 or mail to info@patria.cz

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  • English version
    07.06.2006 11:09

    Hi, I have already noticed it and really appreciate that! You are fare more informative in some cases on your english pages compared to the same content of reports on CZ language. Therefore - if I need to know better your real opinion regarding some issues, I use free of charge your english version where you are very often positively brave in your judgements and recommendations. Not quite sure wheather it is impact you have expected, but that is how it goes. Thanx indeed.
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