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Patria launched english version of www.patria.cz

28.2.2005 17:33

Dear users,
Patria Online is pleased to announce the launch of its english portal (www.patria.cz/default.asp?l=e) Complete access is granted following a quick online registration process. The english content is a work in progress, so stay tuned as the best is yet to come!

The Patria Online portal offers a wealth of knowledge meant to keep the busiest professional up to speed with happenings in the Czech capital markets.

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  • Patria in English
    16.11.2005 15:08

    If more business entities in your country also provided English versions of their websites it would be marvelous for those foreigners interested in your country who are unable to speak Czech. It would also promote the Czech people learning English which is not a bad thing considering being part of the EU. Speaking more English will be one more positive for growth in the Czech Republic. Steve Clayback
  • Patria in English: thank you!
    11.3.2005 14:52

    This is a great initiative for all of us not able to read in Czech. That won't stop me from learning your language, but, until I am fluent, it makes my life much, much easier. Great initiative. Vassili
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