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AAA Auto shares’s trading at the Prague Stock Exchange has commenced

AAA Auto shares’s trading at the Prague Stock Exchange has commenced

24.9.2007 10:02

AAA Auto shares’s trading at the Prague Stock Exchange has commenced

Prague 24th September 2007 – The conditional trading with the AAA Auto Group N.V.’s shares has began today at the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE), being officially started by AAA Auto’s managing director Anthony James Denny and PSE’s managing director Petr Koblic who symbolically struck the bell. Wednesday 26th September will be the first official dealing day, when AAA AUTO’s stock will be dealt at both the Prague and Budapest Stock Exchanges.

The offering price for a share with ISIN NL0006033375 amounts to € 2 (CZK 55). This initial stock issue in total of up to 19, 533, 663 shares is the first at PSE this year and will bring the company as much as € 39 million for its further expansion (app. CZK 1,100 million).

On this occasion, AAA Auto’s managing director Anthony James Denny stated: “Completely new times are ahead for AAA Auto and the whole Group. During a so-called road show, AAA Auto’s top management visited the total of seven countries and went through tens of meetings with institutional as well as retail investors and analysts. Positive reactions of the potential investors towards the awareness of the company and their interest in this investment were evident,” added A. J. Denny.

The institutional investors got 61 % of the issue with the retail ones getting 39 %. “The AAA AUTO Group’s dynamic development as well as its concentration on further expansion within Central and Eastern Europe, evoked a corresponding interest of the investors, whose demand for AAA Auto’s stock substantialy surpassed the tranche itself,” indicated Tomáš Klápště, the corporate finance department’s executive director of the Patria Finance Company, which was the general coordinator, book runner and the main manager of the AAA Auto Group N.V.‘s stock issue.

As pointed out by Petr Koblic, “the stock issue will not only be beneficial for the AAA AUTO Group as expected, but will represent another essential stimulus for the Prague Stock Exchange, which is expecting other issuers by the end of this year.”

Conditional dealing is a service provided by the Stock Exchange, which enables the successful acquirers of the shares within the IPO process to immediately begin dealing with the object issue, without them having to wait for the actual issue of the securities, which is only a purely technical matter if the IPO is successful. The Prague Stock Exchange provides this service, which works regularly on most of the advanced markets, as one of the few in Central Europe.

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