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ARCADIS: Results in line with trading update

ARCADIS: Results in line with trading update

3.11.2011 12:54

3Q11 gross revenues came in at € 485m (€ 484m KBCS, € 483 css), EBITA at € 31.8m (€ 31.6m, € 31.6m), net income at € 17.5m (€ 17.8m, € 17.1m) and net income from operations at € 18.2m (€ 18.4m, € 18.0m). Arcadis’ underlying EBITA (incl. Fx) came in at € 33.8m (€ 33.1m KBCS) and included a € 0.3m loss on Brazilian energy project, a € 0.3m gain on carbon credits and € 2.0m in restructuring charges (€ 1.5m KBCS). The underlying EBITA margin came in at 10%.

Below the EBITA line there are some deviations vs. our forecasts: net finance expenses came in at -€ 6.1m (-€ 4.4m KBCS, -€ 5.6m css), income from operations at -€ 0.2m (€ 0.2m, € 0.4m), income taxes at -€ 7.6m (-€ 8.4m, -€ 7.7m) and minorities at -€ 0.6m (€ 0.1m, € 0.4m). Higher finance charges are attributable to Arcadis’ expansion in Brazil and higher interest rates on refinanced debt. The tax rate of 30.7% came in below our 32% forecast. Overall these effects balance each other out.
As previously noted closing EC Harris transaction is anticipated by early November.

Divisional overview:
Arcadis confirms earlier trends witnessed in its key markets and divisions. On 9 month numbers Infrastructure gross revenues grew by 5% (7% KBCS), of which 5% organic; Water was down 14% (15% kbcs) of which 10% organic, Environment up 5% (4% kbcs) of which 11% organic; and Buildings contracted by 12% (10% kbcs) mainly due to the deconsolidation of AAFM, with a 3% organic gross revenues decline.
Interesting to see is that Arcadis' activities turned profitable again in the UK, which could bode well as a read-through for EC Harris, which is mostly active in the UK in Buildings, Rail and Airports.

Arcadis’ CEO noted the backlog is strong despite slight decline in 3rd quarter. Trends remain the same as before: government spending in Europe and US under pressure; private spending increasing; and Brazil, Chile, Asia and parts of the Middle East strong. Guidance of net income from operations for FY11 approximately level with 2010 excludes a € 7.4m sale gain on AAFM, and any impact from EC Harris. This guidance is in-line with our forecasts.
We re-iterate our Accumulate rating on Arcadis and € 16/sh TP. A conference call is scheduled at 15.00 CET.

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