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TNT: Feedback CMD Post NL

TNT: Feedback CMD Post NL

10.05.2011 9:34

TNT (16,25 EUR, 0,37%) hosted a CMD on Post NL (former Mail activities) in Amsterdam. The presentations were given by the CEO, CFO and the Director of Parcels & International. We received a clear update on all the activities, with especially some welcome insight in the Parcels and International activities.

Some positive signs for Mail Netherlands
Mail NL should see a more supportive pricing environment from 2012 onwards driven by: i/ a new USO (25% of Mail NL revenues) with a 10% RoS from 2012 onwards which compares to 4-5% over 2009 and even lower during 2010. TNT targets a 15% price increase in the USO over the coming years; ii/ the merger between Sandd and SelektMail which should ease pricing competition; and iii/ the agreement Sandd reached with its trade unions to employ 80% of its staff by September 2013 on a fixed contract basis. MasterPlan 3 is confirmed and will focus on the redesign of the working environment, with a 3 day delivery network as the main spearhead. TNT will also increasingly focus on new technologies like track-and-trace, smart phones for deliverers, (e)fulfilment …

International still depends on regulatory improvements
International mail becomes increasingly important to TNT and total volumes will even be higher than volumes in the Netherlands by year end. With underlying cash operating income (pre German start-up losses) positive across all countries (Italy, Germany and the UK) the international activities of TNT are on track to reach an underlying cash operating income of 1% over 2011 and 2-4% over 2015. TNT also wants to be break-even in Germany by 2013 although thiswill largely depend on the evolution of the Regioservice activities. In the UK, the decision on the last-mile-delivery will be decisive to see whether TNT could upwards revise its mid-term goals.

Parcels outlook looks promising, but requires upright investing
Investments in parcels will be 70% replacement and 30% growth. Management sees good prospects in parcels with room to grow market share in B2B. Also services and solutions like e-commerce, Check Pay and Extra@Home show good prospects. This boils down to a mid single digit underlying revenues growth target 2011/2015 with an underlying cash operating income margin of 13-15%. The attitude is to be very open to partnerships in parcels delivery, with a specific reference to Bpost.

No change to investment case, Hold
The outlook given of € 300-370m Underlying cash operating income by 2015 is without acquisitions and possible positive regulatory changes in the UK and Germany. We believe the valuation of Post NL depends on the implied yield the market requires to value mail on the minimum € 150m it intends to pay out over the coming years (we believe this will be the way to value mail going forward). From 2014-15 the CFO noted that the dividend could be higher, given the increase in operating cash flow, although this would be subject to acquisitions. They clearly position themselves as a dividend play. We remain cautious on the stock keeping our Hold rating.

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